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Four HVAC System Types

The comfort of your home or business premises is largely influenced by the performance of the HVAC system in use. These systems are responsible for the heating, cooling and circulation of indoor air.

There are four different HVAC system types available today. Below we will take a detailed look at each type, highlighting the main features and suitable applications.

Split Systems

Split HVAC systems, like the name suggests, are designed with two separate units both equipped with heating and cooling parts. These components are located both inside and outside the building the system is installed in.

Some of the main parts of a split HVAC system include a furnace or heating fan used to evaporate the refrigerant, air conditioner used to cool the refrigerant and duct work to circulate the hot or cool air. Split systems may also come with additional accessories designed to increase the quality of the circulating air including humidifiers and purifiers among others..

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems were introduced to help improve upon the design of the above described split HVAC systems. In addition to a furnace and evaporation fan used in converting the refrigerant, the system comes with a heat pump. The heat pump heats and cools the refrigerant; and is the responsible for the boost in efficiency seen in these HVAC  systems.

Other features found in hybrid HVAC systems include a control panel and other systems that are meant to further improve the quality of indoor air including humidifiers and purifiers.

Packaged Systems

Both of the systems described above rely on two units, one located outdoors while the other is located indoors. Packaged systems on the other hand come in one single package. The package contains the air conditioner, furnace and heat fan in one neat unit.

Since these systems tend to be compact, they are best suited for use in applications where space is limited.

Ductless Systems

In buildings where there is no duct work, ductless HVAC systems are best suited for use. These systems can also be used to complement the use of ducted HVAC Repair NYC systems. The system comes with a compact fan coil, tubing and cables and air conditioner or heat pump.

Some units may have some additions such as humidifiers and purifiers used in improving indoor air quality.

Now that you have the above information on the four HVAC system types available on the market, you will have a better chance of choosing the right system for you. Remember to consider the size and design of the building before making your final decision or pick a good HVAC Repair NYC Company Like http://www.MrReidHvacRepairNYC.com.


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